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Response To Active Shooter

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The DA1 Response to Active Shooter is a one day course that will teach students to both prepare and if necessary, react to an active shooter scenario. The course is not designed to create heroes but rather raise awareness with todays ever increasing threat of violence. 

The last few years the US has seen an increase in active shooter situations, an unfortunate chain of events that is likely only to increase. With the uncertain nature of how and when these situations occur, it is necessary for civilians learn to prepare for these events. 

The response time of law enforcement can vary greatly, creating more time for active shooters to inflict greater casualties. During the course students will be taught theory, safety measures, and proper weapon handling for confronting an active shooter.

Students will be utilizing the UTM NLTA weapon systems. This allows students to be placed in a number of scenarios with role players. Creating the most realistic training scenarios possible.

Shooters are required to provide at least 50 rounds of 5.56mm NLTA training ammunition for this class. NLTA ammunition is available at class or online purchase

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