Tactical Rifle Level 1 (1 Day)

Tactical Rifle
Tactical Rifle
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Tactical Rifle Level 1 (1 Day)

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- The TR Lvl 1 class is a prerequisite and is required prior to attending the DTR Class.

- Cost includes range fees

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This course will cover basic tactical rifle shooting. Designed for shooters with little to no experience with shooting or anyone who would like to hone their fundamental skills. This class is required to attend the Tactical Rifle Level 2 class.

Topics Covered

- Weapons Safety

- Gear Selection

- Basic Weapons handling

- Fundamentals of marksmanship

- Reloading (combat reload, tactical reload)

- Clearing Malfunctions

Optional Equipment

- Plate carrier or chest rig

- Knee & Elbow Pads

- Sunscreen

- Insect Repellent

- Hat

- Gloves

- Hydration Equipment

- Any other kit you like to run

Required Equipment

- Semi-automatic rifle (AR15 or AK47 type)

- 300+ rounds of rifle ammunition

- 3 Rifle Magazines

- Rifle Sling

- Sturdy Belt

- Magazine Pouch

- Pants (No shorts)

- Short or long sleeve shirt

- Closed toe shoes

- Eye protection

- Ear protection