The Direct action industries downtown shoothouse

is a purpose built indoor training facility located minutes from the City of Miami Police Department and the Federal courthouse in Downtown Miami. The state of the art training facility boasts 9,000 sqft. of space allowing for hands on training scenarios ranging from CQB and active shooter to combatives scenarios. The facility also includes a full classroom that can accommodate 30 students for classroom presentations and table top exercises.

As urban environments grow increasingly volatile, the need for realistic combat training is growing ever more necessary. Soldiers and police require a realistic training tool for close quarter battle (CQB) operations. The DA1 Shoothouse can be utilized for critical skills including forced entry, room clearing, small unit tactics and judgmental shoot/no shoot engagements.

The DA1 Shoothouse incorporates a unique floor plan that allows for a user configurable layout to allow for instant changes to the floor plan.The shoot house incorporates multiple rooms and hallways to incorporate many commonly found situations that police and military find regularly. The entire facility is under CCTV allowing for instant reviewing of training and multiple eyes on to ensure no training point goes unnoticed.

Shoothouse features:

  • 25 user configurable rooms

  • Doors for mechanical breaching

  • Role players available

  • Full sound system

  • Camera system in every room to record training

  • Lowlight/no light training available for flashlight and night vision training during all hours

  • UTM non lethal training weapons and ammunition sold on site


The DA1 Shoothouse is available for rental to all military, police, federal agencies and any properly certified instructors. Please Contact Us for reservations and pricing.