Concealed Weapons Courses

The rising rate of violent crimes in the US has lead many to seek training in the use of weapons to defend themselves and loved ones. The staff at DA1 is committed to ensuring people leave our NRA certified concealed weapons classes with the confidence of being able to stop a dangerous situation should they ever be confronted with one. DA1 classes far surpass the minimum standards set forth by the State of Florida for carrying a concealed weapon, with students getting plenty of hands on experience and training from professional gunfighters.

nra concealed weapons permit class

This course will cover all of the requirements to obtain a FL concealed weapons permit. During the class the instructor will cover basic firearms safety, carrying a firearm, and basic weapons handling fundamentals. After the basics have been covered, students will take the required shooting test to obtain eligibility to apply for your concealed weapons permit. The final part of the class will be a walkthrough on everything you need to submit your application to the State of Florida to obtain your permit.


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home & personal protection for women

The DA1 Home & Personal Protection for Women is a specially designed curriculum to help enhance a woman's awareness in today's heightened security world. Many women are choosing to carry a firearm, however simply buying and carrying a gun is not enough. Proper training is essential part to owning a firearm. This class will not only give you the tools you need to responsibly carry a firearm, but will also teach you how to properly handle a hostile situation.