Dave VanDriel

Mike Lalla

Lalla started his military career in the US Coast Guard at the Maritime Security Response Team. There he was recognized as a top performer and transferred to the US Coast Guard’s highly specialized Tactical Law Enforcement Team, a unit that specializes in counter narcotics. There he was Lead Instructor to 300+ operators in combat marksmanship and opposed vessel and stationary boardings.

VanDriel started his career in the US Coast Guard. After completing a rigorous selection course, became an assault team member of the Department of Homeland Security’s only counter terrorism unit, the Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT). After serving years at this highly advanced special operations unit VanDriel carried on as a subject matter expert (SME) in counter terrorism techniques with the US Department of State.  


Operational Staff

Direct Action Industries employs only current/former military special operations and law enforcement personnel to ensure the highest quality training possible. The rigorous training imparted upon these top tier operators, and their ability to impart that training to others, is available to select law enforcement and military units. In the same manner they were chosen to receive advanced training, they have been selected to deliver training to ensure agencies and enforcement units train and leave with those same skills needed to survive and police in today’s ever deteriorating theater of operations.


Stacy Roman is a 10 year Marine Corps veteran. She served as a Military Police Officer as well as a Drill Instructor. Stacy was deployed to Yemen in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and served in various other countries on a mobile training team teaching weapons handling and tactics, close quarter combat, and policing skills. She is now a student at Barry University in pursue of her International Business degree.