DA1 owners Dave VanDriel and Mike Lalla, both started their law enforcement and military careers in the US Coast Guard. After completing a rigorous selection course, both became members of the Department of Homeland Security’s only counter terrorism unit, the Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT). With over 25 years of experience working in austere environments on 4 continents and over 15 countries serving both the the government and private sectors, the staff at DA1 has learned to adapt and overcome any problem that may present itself.

DA1 is committed to providing top-level performance in all aspects to the training and security industry. Whether it is for personal security, corporate security or self defense training. Our experiences have taught us that you can never be too prepared.


Close Quarters Battle

DA1 close quarters battle (CQB) classes  incorporate the use of non-lethal training ammunition for force on force scenarios. Offering tactics for both single and multi-person room clearing these courses are guaranteed to get your mind working and blood pumping.



Women Only

Women are the fastest growing area of the shooting community, with good reason. The chances of potentially dangerous situations are on the rise, leaving many to fend for themselves. On top of the need for protection, many have found shooting to be highly exhilarating and great stress relief. DA1 provides a non-intimidating atmosphere to encourage the highest levels of learning and proficiency.

Concealed Weapons

With the increasing amount of violent situations arising in the U.S. many are realizing that they may be on their own to protect themselves and loved ones until the police arrive. DA1 provides NRA certified courses to not only meet the minimum standards to obtain a concealed weapons permit, but to also ensure the safe and proficient use of guns if the need should ever arise.


Active Shooter

With the increasing threat of active shooter situations in US, it is every persons responsibility to take this risk seriously. Active shooters are extremely unpredictable, leaving the best option for people is to attend training on how to respond in the event of an active shooter situation.


Live Fire

DA1 live fire range courses offer classes for all levels of shooters. From novice to professional gun slingers, DA1 live fire classes will teach you how to employ your weapon like a professional. The techniques taught do not come from theory, but rather what actually works.





An often overlooked but extremely necessary skill-set. Just as proper shooting fundamentals should be mastered, medical treatment is essential to being fully prepared for a shooting situation. Being able to control massive hemorrhage can't be the difference between you, loved ones or teammates survival during a hostile situation.